Whattya hear, whattya say? (About this blog)

This summer, I started watching The Sopranos from beginning to end. I’d watched it before over the years, catching blocks of episodes here and there, never fully committing myself to it. I managed to see most of the last four seasons when they re-aired after James Gandolfini’s death  As of September 11th, 2015, I’m finishing season 4 (Anyone want to come over and get scared by Whitecaps together?)

This is just a little space for my observations, formal and informal, and mostly chronological. Earlier posts were mostly formed from my first impressions since I’d barely seen the first two seasons at all. The further I got into the show, the more I revisited episodes and made connections between them, so I ended up delving a little deeper than I’d expected. That’s when it got really fun! I’m always going back and reconsidering what I’ve written in light of what I’ve just seen.

Blog name comes from the Italian title, I Soprano. Loved the name, hated the dubbing. I wanted something short and memorable. Plus, if you read it in English, it looks like a vow, or the beginning of a will: “I, Soprano.”

It can also be verbed:
“Hey, do you watch the Sopranos?”
“Hell yeah, I Soprano.”

All written content is my own. I’m watching online, and there are only a few seasons available on DVD at my library, so I pull my media from different places. Tumblr is a goldmine; thank you to all the gif makers and screen cappers! Click on a picture to view the source. If there is no source, the liberry gods have smiled upon me, or I’ve bought it for five bucks on Amazon and capped it myself.

If you want to contact me, email me at carmelasoprano88@gmail.com


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